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VP Engineering

About Us
We are an early-stage startup focused on providing powerful trading tools to crypto desks. 
Our customers range from some of the most well known trading firms to well-funded individuals.
Our team is based in Chicago and Krakow and has years of trading experienced in traditional markets and true belief in the disruptive power of cryptocurrency.  

* Provide mentorship and guidance to our junior developers.
* Oversee the deployment of our existing codebase to a production environment.
* Interface with external consultants to ensure that our environment is built with security best practices.
* Hiring to expand the team.

Minimum Requirements
* Cloud Architecture
* Terraform, Kubernetes, and microservice Deployment
* General web application development, deployment, and security.
* Working with remote teams.

* Google Cloud
* Deploying applications written in PHP (Laravel), NodeJS, and/or GoLang.
* Spot and futures trading experience.
* Interfacing with cryptocurrency exchange APIs.
* Experience with RabbitMQ, Deepstream, and/or PostgreSQL.

If you think you are a good match, please email a resume to recruitment <at>

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